Janelle Leonard - Physical Medicine & Energy Medicine | SOMA
Janelle Leonard is a professional therapist who uses specific trained modalities (including SOMA, CranioSacral, Sound Healing) in sessions on patients to help them release stress, unwind and begin to feel more balance in their tissues, energy bodies and nervous system. Helping them to enjoy their bodies and live within joy.
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Move the way you truly want to move

SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® is a sequential, biological approach to freeing an entire human being. A deep approach to bodywork that unwinds, reorients and re-educates the fascia in your entire body system, SOMA is a method of Structural Integration that gives you a better sense of organization within gravity. I take clients through a 12 Sessions Series where we work to free the restricted tissues in all areas of the body, then integrate them back together into a more perfect balance. SOMA can also be approached by doing treatment work over a progression of time, post series. We assess the issues presenting in your body and determine what’s needed for your short and long-term improvement goals.

Ease into alignment

During the SOMA work, I’ll assess the posture of the body, then use manual therapy to progressively ease the structure into an improved alignment. Along the way, I’ll help you recognize and embody the changes as they occur. Session tools include before and after postural photographs, the SOMA Journey Book, imagery, drawings and movement re-education throughout our work together.

About SOMA Sessions

When dealing with chronic pain, adhesions in the fascia, scar tissue or injuries, the full 12-session SOMA series is recommended. There are often links between multiple chronic problems or injuries in the structure of the body, and the SOMA Series enables us to unwind them all. This brings those structures and the parasympathetic nervous system of your body into balance and alignment, allowing you to hold changes and release any effort in your movement.  If you’re sincere about having treatment work without going through The Series please call me and we can discuss.

Another approach that I might use is Somassage®, which is all over bodywork that was developed from Structural Integration to use effective principles that give you the experience of structural balance.


Guide to the Sessions

1-3: Release the deep sideline of the entire body: ribcage, diaphragm, neck, shoulders, hips, IT band, knees, lower legs and feet.

4-7: Release the pelvis and pelvic floor from front, back and below. Release abdomen, diaphragm, sternum, clavicle and chest. Release entire frontline and backline of the body. Release the deeper neck, head, face, mouth and nose.

8-11: Integrate tissue of the entire body. Release the entire hands, arms and shoulder joints. Free the joints throughout the entire body.


$350 Per single treatment session (2 hours)

$4,200 full Series (12 sessions), $350 Per Series appointment (2-2.5 hours)

SOMA can be combined with CranioSacral, Shamanism, Sound and Quantum Healing work

History of Soma

SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® formally began as a modality in 1977. Bill Williams Ph.D. and Ellen Gregory-Williams Ph.D. together developed SOMA as a distinct form of Structural Integration. Ten-session Structural Integration began by Dr. Ida P. Rolf in the 1950’s. The Rolf Institute® was founded in 1971 as the first organization to train Rolf practitioners. 

Dr. Williams was the first Rolfer™ to leave the Rolf Institute® and develop a distinct structural school, the SOMA Institute of Neuromuscular Integration®. Dr. Williams, a Psychologist, embraced the body, mind and spirit as a non-separate whole. The theory and teaching of SOMA Bodywork reflects this basic understanding of wholeness. 

In 1986 the SOMA Institute was moved to Washington State. The SOMA work was expanded into a professional licensing program and was one of the first Structural Integration programs to be licensed in Washington. Karen L. Bolesky M.A., L.M.H.C., L.M.P. is the current owner and primary faculty of the SOMA Institute. She continues to develop and expand the work in Buckley, Washington.