With SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® we are manually freeing tissue in your body so that you can move the way that your body truly wants to move. With CRANIOSACRAL we are gently balancing the tension around your nervous system and your structures into their desired place for optimal health. The balance of my work is in creating sessions based upon these modalities that suit each person’s needs. We determine what’s needed during our first session.

I do not bill motor vehicle accident PIP claims.

I do not accept health insurance.

**If you cash pay I can give you a coded superbill receipt for reimbursement. We will obtain your bodywork prescription and the proper codes for the reimbursement process before approving and scheduling your first appointment. Pre-arrangement required.

Please call me to consult.

Learn to release stress, unwind and begin to feel more in balance with your
body, tissues, cells and nervous system.