I am a Mystic.
I generate frequency using energy for the purpose of transformation.
I am dedicated to this work because I believe we all have the right to return to our
Authentic Self.


I have more than 20 years of experience working as a licensed massage therapist and energy healer. My intention with the work that I do has always been to help my clients cultivate even more vitality and wellness within their bodies and a relationship to their nervous system. This desire led me to Light + Sound Healing, Quantum Healing work, Shamanic Medicine, and on the physical plane, CranioSacral Release Therapy and SOMA Neuromuscular Integration®.

Sound Healer. Trained Opera Singer & Violist. Völva. Norse Shamanism Seiðr Practitioner. Tibetan Buddhist. Reiki Master. Quantum Healer. SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® & CranioSacral Practitioner.

I am located along Lake Washington on Occupied Duwamish Tribal Lands, now known as Seattle. 

Vibrate. Shift. Align.