I practice Shamanic Medicine to help my clients become their own guide, discover the mysteries of life and bring more harmony and peace to their Spirit and daily lives.  

Shamanism chose me.

I was guided to expand my entire perception of reality in order to make sense of it, and the mystical happenings that were occurring within my life. Most specifically, my relationships with animals, deities, the Norse Gods, Allies, Helping Spirits and Guides.  Many of them have arrived in my consciousness, as if somehow, they chose me to show me and to teach me the parts and pieces of what brings me into tangible cohesiveness.

I’ve been exploring this Shamanic Path since I was 16. I’ve been practicing it since 2001.

Shamanism is trance forming reality. It is the mystical wonder of the non-ordinary reality, and it offers a way that we can reach into an altered state of awareness and make shifts in the physical reality for another — all to affect change. Through the lens of Pantheism and Animism, it is the fierce acknowledgment of Natural Law — everything, yes everything, is interconnected.

This work has the power to facilitate significant vibrational shifts.

How to Prepare:

Bring a clear intention for our work together. We will consult on the phone prior and I will advise individually. The offerings that we may incorporate will reveal themselves as we progress through the session.

$350 Per session (two hours)

Offering virtual options. Please inquire.


Setting Sacred Space
Curse/Thoughtform Unravelling
Daily Clearing Work
Space, Land, House Clearing
Shamanic Journeying (with rattle or drum)
Healing and Energetic Clearing Work
Moon Phase Ritual

Building Altars
Honoring Ancestors
Facilitated Meetings/Introductions to Your Helping Spirits, Guides and Allies     Seiðr High Seat Ceremony

Wheel of the Year Pagan Sabbat Ritual Ceremony

Oracular Work
Psychopomp Work