About Janelle


The first 14 years of my experience as a massage therapist were dedicated to practicing deep tissue, pre-natal and myofascial release therapy. I loved helping my clients feel good, improve their circulation and overall wellness but I felt it wasn’t enough. Something greater was out there for me to discover. I didn’t quite know what that was. I knew that there were other ways to affect change in the tissue and truly see, feel and hold the changes. Through a mentor and right place, right time I discovered my new path to physical medicine and manual therapy within bodywork.


In 2014 I began my training with the Upledger Institute in various courses of CranioSacral Release Therapy. In 2015 I became certified through the SOMA Institute of Neuromuscular Integration® as a SOMA Practitioner.


With SOMA we are manually freeing tissue in your body so that you can move the way that your body truly wants to move. With CranioSacral, we are gently balancing the tension around your nervous system and your structures into their desired place for optimal health. The balance of my work is in creating sessions based upon these modalities that suit each persons’s needs. We determine what’s needed while you’re here with me in the security of my private office.


During all of this time in a career of physical health, I’ve maintained the work that originally brought me to massage therapy: energy medicine and sound healing. Through the use of various sonic instruments, my voice, Reiki and listening to the body systems, I conduct a synergy among your body, mind and Spirit to shift your emotional-energetic balance into an optimal place for healing.


With respect to your needs, my greatest passion in this work is facilitating a safe space for you to take your own experience as deeply as you want to go. Allowing yourself to drop into your own process will show the vitality that can be made present in your entire body awareness. Enjoy your body. Live within Joy. I look forward to making the connection.


Janelle is a Sound Healer, trained Opera singer and Violist, student of Norse Shamanism, Reiki Master, SOMA Neuromuscular Integration® and CranioSacral practitioner in Seattle, Washington